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The Institute of Personnel Management Sri Lanka (IPM) founded in 1959 is a Professional body incorporated by an Act of Parliament (1976). IPM is affiliated to the Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management and World Federation of Personnel Management Associations. The vision mission, values and objectives of the Institute focus on the raising of Professional Standards in Human Resource Management and Development of the Human Resource Management Profession through a process of conducting professional examinations, seminars/workshops, conferences, HR consultancy and research studies.


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To be the guiding force and the leader in developing best practices

In People Management Practices in the Asian region.


We open pathway to the Human Resources Management profession.

We are the knowledge Centre for local and regional people Managers.

As the catalyst and partner in human capital development

We continuously improve quality, standards and practices in the profession.



  • We demonstrate integrity in all our dealing
  •  We are passionate about providing quality, timely and excellent services
  • We show mutual respect in all interactions  
  • We are courageous and seek out challenges to be ahead
  • We are conscious of the need to be one team
  • We encourage diversity within our team


  • To ensure a high level of professional standards and competence among membership and those aspiring to become members.
  • To promote the study of Human Resource Management and to encourage research into the best means and methods of applying the principles and techniques of Human Resource Management.
  • To promote the image of the Institute and its membership, and to provide leadership to the Human Resource Management profession in Sri Lanka.
  • To influence national policy formulation in areas related to the Human Resource Management profession.
  • To facilitate networking among HR professionals, to share and develop knowledge exchange views at national as well as an international level.
  • To maintain our status as the leading HR authority in Sri Lanka by upholding high standards of competence, ethics, values and professionalism among the membership.



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